Know Thyself, Heal Thyself Temporary Glitch

And other Medium issues to know about

K. Barrett


Image, Matryx. Pixabay

(UPDATE: The publication is back up. Little explanation other than it may have gotten caught in SPAM and they are sorry for the inconvenience. There is a lesson in this. See the tips below.)

Know Thyself, Heal Thyself

This publication seems to have been suspended. I publish there regularly and I don’t think for a second that there was a real rules violation. I think this will be resolved quickly and back up and running in no time. (I hope.)

I write for the publication several times a week. The owner is very kind and responsive. She definitely makes sure we don’t slip on the rules (I have to admit, I have submitted stories without crediting my own photos. She has sent me a friendly reminder or two.)

The publication has a very supportive slack group. Members are sending inquiries to Medium support.

Other Issues And What Can We Do

I also recently encountered an odd message with a WhatsApp number encouraging me to call for financial advising. The account then switched to the name and photo of a popular medium writer. The account showed 1 follower.

I blocked the account and reported it. Please do the same when you see things that are suspicious and against the rules so that we can keep the good things going!

I am not sure if all is sometimes lost when these types of glitches occur, but a few bits of advice come to mind:

  • Keep copies of your stories so that if anything happens, you don’t lose all of your work.
  • Review the rules regularly so that you don’t inadvertently break them
  • Don’t let the Medium glitches get you down, they can most often be resolved and there are a lot of positive offerings from Medium

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a glitch-free, happy writing day!



K. Barrett

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