Allow Yourself to be a Writer and See What Happens

K. Barrett
3 min readJan 15, 2021
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When I was just settling into pandemic quarantine I thought it would be a great time to follow the little voice in my head…be a writer and see what happens.

Learn How to Blog

I had been traveling about once a month for the year and a half leading up to quarantine. I had all the photos, adventure notes, and advice I would need to get started. I also had all the time I needed to learn how to blog! And then in a month or so, when I was out and about again, I would be rolling in the content. I could help others find awe in their adventures.

“It would be great!” I thought.

Well…as you may know…traveling wasn’t an easy option in a month, or in two months, or three. (and so on, and so on…going on a year.) Learning how to blog wasn’t turning out as easy as I expected either. So, running out of content and struggling to learn pretty much killed my motivation.

Writing Career — Error-Error-Error

This couldn’t be the end of my writing career! It just started. I decided to publish a children’s book on amazon. That was supposed to be easy: click, write, submit. But for me it was many rounds of click, write, submit, error, error, error. I was still stuck in the house. I pushed through and I published the children’s book. I ordered it, and it actually turned out pretty good.

Content just floating on the web

I actually had some work out there. I was a writer. But, I was very content with it just floating out on the web. I barely told anyone that it existed. I wasn’t really ready to share my work. Can you really be a writer if you won’t share your work? “Is this how it ends?” I wondered.

Finding Medium

I still just didn’t feel like I should give up my writing career after it just barely got started. This is when I found a post on Medium that talked about working through the fear of sharing and publishing your work. This set in motion a new trajectory for my writing career.

As a sign from the universe, the author of that post was hosting a webinar that started in 14 minutes. I tried to think of every excuse that I could about why I couldn’t join in such short…



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