Practicing awe with the publication For Awe

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For Awe

is a publication providing space for people to read and write about everything that inspires awe.

For Awe, the publication, is looking for writers

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Why contribute to the publication, For Awe?

The feeling of awe improves our health and our connections with people. The benefits of awe increase when we:

  • write the details of our own experiences of feeling awe.
  • read about other people’s experiences of feeling awe.

By reading and writing about feelings of awe we become…

A collection of curiosities and a conundrum

Photo, K.Barrett, author — I haven’t yet found my four-leaf clover!

Credit — K. Barrett (Medium) Vantage Points For Awe (Blog)

When I was just settling into pandemic quarantine I thought it would be a great time to follow the little voice in my head…be a writer and see what happens.

Learn How to Blog

I had been traveling about once a month for the year and a half leading up to quarantine. I had all the photos, adventure notes, and advice I would need to get started. I also had all the time I needed to learn how to blog! And then in a month or so, when I was out and about again, I would be rolling in the content. …

Travel Writing Prompt

Sometimes the least expected moments turn out to be the best

Photo, K.Barrett, author


The sky is fascinating. I often spend hours researching and planning to make sure I get the best vantage points for awe on my local walks and for my distant travels. I check elevations, sunrise and sunset times, seasons, and available experiences for each location.

I take pictures to document the sky from airplanes, helicopters, boats, cliffs, bluffs, beaches, and riversides. I am especially awed by moments when the sky and water work together to create their ultimate masterpieces.

There have been many sunsets and sunrises from special vantage points that I thought would be my forever favorite. Yet, I…

A Nature Photographer Looking for Persuasion Hacks

Photo, K.Barrett, author

The Problem

I am a self-proclaimed nature photographer. I don’t know what one must do to earn the title officially. I think I qualify because I already have over 8,000 pictures in my new phone in less than a year, and only a select few include people. I am sure this could earn me several other labels, but I am only claiming .

So, now that we have that established, here is my problem: I need some persuasion hacks to get people to go for walks with me.

A few additional details:
No, I don’t want to offer to take pictures…

Why do we sometimes keep stepping in the wrong direction?

Photo, K.Barrett, author

Sunrise or Sunset

Sometimes we can’t tell the difference between a sunrise or a sunset in a picture. We would need to know at least one of two key details: the direction the photo is set or the time of day. With this information, we could determine if this is the beginning of a day or the end of a day.

Sometimes there are even fewer points of evidence to determine a start or end of opportunity in our lives. There are many sayings portraying this…

K. Barrett

I’m an educator, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, reader, writer, photographer, and health enthusiast, connecting with and helping others through writing.

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