A collection of curiosities and a conundrum

Photo, K.Barrett, author — I haven’t yet found my four-leaf clover!

A Healthy Dose of Spring Awe

Credit — K. Barrett (Medium) Vantage Points For Awe (Blog)

When I was just settling into pandemic quarantine I thought it would be a great time to follow the little voice in my head…be a writer and see what happens.

Learn How to Blog

I had been traveling about once a month for the year and a half leading up to quarantine. I had all the photos, adventure notes, and advice I would need to get started. I also had all the time I needed to learn how to blog! And then in a month or so, when I was out and about again, I would be rolling in the content. …

A poem about a nature adventure

Painting, K.Barrett, author

This watercolor I painted
in a class with my gram,
holds on to the memories
of a camping trip with my fam.

At nine years old
I didn’t like to be told,
we would have our vacation
canoeing through lakes
looking for the perfect place
to set up our camp.
Especially, when my friends
were headed to where
Mickey Mouse was the champion.

Looking back now, I can see;
through these trips it was me,
that was winning — the love of nature,
that would forever make my life greater.

With each stroke of my canoe paddle, I gained power…

Can we see it? #NatPoWriMo

Image, Chiemsee2016, pixabay

Have you ever heard,
complete silence,
without even the sound of your heart?

Have you ever had a vision,
of sound in your mind,
that could be heard and seen,
with great precision?

If we can see sound,
and we can hear sound too,
can we hear what we see?
Could this be true?

Can we see silence?
What images could represent,
this intense sensing event?

The sounds of the world blend into our subconscious being, they don’t really stop. We sometimes stop noticing them. We feel sound through vibrations. Sometimes we can visualize images of sound. It makes me…

Got it —creativity is like that sometimes #NatPoWriMo

Image, Gaëtan GUINÉ, pixabay

Sometimes our most well-intended thinking,
doesn’t brew the creative breakthrough,
we are seeking to pursue.
We are abandoned pirates searching the sea.
The waves splish-splashing, where is our creativity?

Then, BAM!
Out of the blue,
creativity comes through,
with a whole new crew. In the depths of our minds,
creativity is abrupt like that sometimes.

Some of our most elevated creativity,
is handed to us fast, but uncomplicated,
uncovering long-held curiosities,
like a whole-world nautical diagram,
with an unexpected—Bam!

Creativity becomes our rope and tosses itself ashore. It pulls us in to explore. If we try to get a grip…

An ode to the moon #NatPoWriMo

Image-Syaibatulhamdi, pixabay

Who pulls the strings
low and high
of the tide?
Who uses reflection
to signal morning and night-times
through many lifetimes?
Who guides by light
taking away the fright of the night?

Thank you moon, you do.

Who serves as a symbol
for many diverse cultures
and a guide for agriculture?
Who directs us to start and end
the events through which our lives transcend?
Who holds on, century by century to an almighty power
even while technology multiplies by the hour?

Thank you moon, you do.

Who shows up a dependable, spherical, spectacle just on time, each fall, summer…

A curation conundrum — April 2021

Screencast K.Barrett, author

Are You Curious About Curation and Distribution?

I am. I have written several stories about it. In general, I write because I love it, but curation and stats also make me curious. I have a high curation rate but not very high views or earnings. Here are some current stats from this week.

Stats for the Last Week of My Third Month on Medium

  • Average about 100 views per day
  • Earnings about two dollars a day
  • 140 stories published in total
  • 1040 responses written in total
  • 2,950 views total in the last 30 days (1,460 reads)

Curation April 3-April 10

  • 9 days
  • 12 stories published
  • 9 stories curated
  • Stories not curated: 1 Medium Story and 2 Poems

I have heard even if…

K. Barrett

I’m an educator, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, reader, writer, photographer, and health enthusiast, connecting with and helping others through writing.

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