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Photo, K.Barrett, author — I haven’t yet found my four-leaf clover!

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When I was just settling into pandemic quarantine I thought it would be a great time to follow the little voice in my head…be a writer and see what happens.

Learn How to Blog

I had been traveling about once a month for the year and a half leading up to quarantine. I had all the photos, adventure notes, and advice I would need to get started. I also had all the time I needed to learn how to blog! And then in a month or so, when I was out and about again, I would be rolling in the content. …

Lear to embrace everyone using my absurd musical method

Image, Joseph Redfield Nino, Pixabay

As we grow as unique persons, we learn to respect the uniqueness of others.
— R. Schuller

I am growing into my uniqueness. I am learning to more deeply respect the uniqueness of others. These two steps go hand in hand. If you judge others harshly, you will judge yourself harshly as well.

I created an absurd musical method to help me develop a habit of embracing people with more appreciation.


For a long time, I was stubborn to what I considered the psychology mind games of self-help. I understood the concepts. I suggested them to others. …

How do you deal with it?

Photo, Jerzy Górecki, Pixabay

The demand for certainty is one which is natural to man, but is nevertheless an intellectual vice. — Bertrand Russell

Certainty Provides Comfort

As humans, we feel most comfortable when we are certain. Knowing at least the gist of what’s coming and the expected outcome allows us to be at peace. Some people like surprises, but most of the time we have a need to be certain. Uncertainty can cause worry, stress, and even uncomfortable physiological responses. In extreme cases, full-on panic attacks are triggered when we are uncertain of an important outcome.

Uncertainty is certain. No matter what we do, we almost…


Pandemic travel update

Photo, Gerald Friedrich, Pixabay

Of course, masking, social distancing, and hand sanitizing are required. That is all I thought I needed to know before I arrived at the airport for the first time since Covid changed everything about travel. I was wrong.

Research the Airports You Will Visit

I recently visited the airport for the first time in more than a year. I didn’t research ahead of time about what’s changed at airports because I assumed that everyone else was already back to traveling and everything was pretty much back to normal. Big mistake.

I attempted to look something up at the last minute, but the airport website was down…

Life’s most important lessons in a series of twittles

Image, K.Barrett, author

Our personal power resides within.
We harness it to fulfill
our every wish and whim.
With it, we learn and grow. Never let it go.

Thoughts race through our minds
carrying beliefs to support or suppress
each step of our goals.
We hold all of the control.

If we find gaps between knowing and doing,
it’s fear that lurks in the middle.
Our decisions to take action
builds the bridge.

Maintaining health in mind and body
takes mighty effort as it carries us through
to results and success
in whatever we do.

Success is ours to win
according to our visions.

Minding our mindset: a poem, and other points

Image, QuinceCreative, Pixabay

I can stop forcing my mind to flow from a space
where I race with my eyes stuck on a prize
in the direction of the self-deception of perfection.
I can be brave and fully present to appreciate my progress.
This releases my most important muscle
so it can overflow productively with creativity through the hustle.

Creative Hustle

There are several definitions of hustle. One common definition includes swindling. That is not what I am prepping my mind for.

The definition I am referring to in this poem is from Webster:

Hustle: n. Energetic activity

I was thinking about the hustle of…

Are you ready to find peace?

Image, Johann Bret Bautista, Pixabay

When will you be ready to make peace with the faults and failings of others?

Today Is the Day

Today. That is my answer. Today I will begin to find peace in the faults and failings of others.

This is a shift in my mindset. I have lived my life cutting people out pretty easily. If they showed me a character trait that I didn’t really like, I figured I didn’t need them in my life. I still believe this to a slight degree in some instances, but pondering this question brings some additional perspective.

I wouldn’t say that cutting people from my life…

Is it what you say or what you do?

Image, Mohamed Hassan, Pixabay

This is pretty simple. Obviously, if we are all talk and no action, no impact. Well, not so fast. Our words can have an immeasurable impact on others.

Who is the Judge?

It is not for us to judge what impact our words, time, or actions have on others. What seems like a very minor comment or an inconsequential moment in time could mean the world to someone else. And, on the other hand, the deepest most lengthy profession of our best advice may fall on deaf ears if a person is not in the position to receive the advice we have to offer…

K. Barrett

I’m an educator, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, reader, writer, photographer, and health enthusiast, connecting with and helping others through writing.

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